Social Support for Adults

What is ‘Out & About’?

Out & About is a social group designed for clients aged 30 and over to get active in the community and participate in various activities that cater to the group’s wishes!

 Why should I get involved with this social group?

Support Group Adults

Out & About is a fantastic opportunity to socialise and mingle, meet new people and catch up with friends from Muscular Dystrophy SA once a month.

 What types of activities or events should I be expecting?

Client’s choice! The beauty of this social group is that you have the power to suggest what you think the group will enjoy the most! We will try our best to accommodate most suggestions. From relaxing catch ups in the city to fun and exciting events like the footy or a trip to the beach… the possibilities are endless!

For Further information please contact Client Services on 8234 5266 or email Hoda on


Do you need a relaxing weekend away?gu1

The Grown Ups Getaway (GUG) is an annual social event designed for individuals aged over 30 years of age who are diagnosed with a neuromuscular condition. It is a three-night, four-day getaway held at accessible holiday parks in Wallaroo, Victor Harbour or a different area depending on accessibility.

GUG is held in the October-November period to avoid extreme weather conditions.

Why don’t you join our Grown Ups Getaway?

It is a great opportunity to have fun, socialise, get a massage, relax and also to have a break from your normal routine in a safe and accessible environment.

How about your carer?

If you do need assistance with personal care for the duration of GUG, Muscular Dystrophy SA can accommodate one carer to accompany you for the weekend. We require you to bring your own carer.GU2

How much does it cost?          

If you do have an NDIS plan or are in the process of setting up your plan, please contact the Client Services Team and we will send you a costing sheet so you can apply for NDIS funding.

Are you over 65 years?

You will be covered by the Continuity of Support Programme to attend GUG.


If you are interested and would like to register your name, please do not hesitate to contact Client Services on 8234 5266 or email