The “Bow Tie Bears”

Volunteer Events Committee


 The Bow Tie Bears Volunteer Events Committee is a dedicated and resourceful fundraising group made up of thirteen creative and passionate women. Bowtie Bears

These ladies devote their time and effort to raise funds for the Clients’ of Muscular Dystrophy SA. The “Bow Tie Bears” (as they are affectionately known) sell their wares throughout the year at various sites and craft fairs around Adelaide. Friends of the Bow Tie Bears also donate hand made items including quilts and knitted baby items and many other hand crafted and hand sewn pieces for the Committee to sell. Not only do the ”Bow Tie Bears” raise funds that benefit Clients of Muscular Dystrophy SA, they also create and promote awareness about the Muscular Dystrophy SA and neuromuscular conditions. Money raised by the group goes towards events held by the Client Services team, and other client needs recommended by Client Services.

If you would like to support the Bow Tie Bears Volunteer Events Committee or would like more information on how you can help please contact Janice on 0423 664 727 or Maria on 0418 794 306 or leave a message with Muscular Dystrophy SA reception on 82345266.

You might like to join the Committee or help at our many stalls and events, or donate wool or hand crafted items. All help and support gratefully accepted.
BTBVEC would like to thank Storage King, Windsor Gardens for their support with clean and accessible storage. 

Bowtie Bears 1